Sarah is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who works with adults and children. Her main coaching focus is to help families successfully navigate through an overseas move.

Sarah provides an enjoyable, non-judgmental coaching experience for kids through her Compass Coaching programme. She typically employs a structured, action-oriented framework. She equips them with positive and practical strategies to tackle the challenges of moving overseas. Typical challenges include adjusting to big changes, dealing with feelings or settling in well.


It is ideal for kids aged 9-16 in any stage of transition, whether you’re just about to leave or finding your feet in a new location.

What to expect from a Compass Coaching session:




Goal Setting

Talking about feelings

Answering Questions

Focus on an Overseas Move

Practical Actions

Compass Coaching Overview


Obligation-free chat in person or Skype


Decide if it's a fit for you and the coach


Meet for the initial getting-to-know-you coaching session


Typically have 2-5 more individual coaching sessions

Moving countries is a stressful and emotional experience for families. Coaching is an excellent resource to support parents in every stage of the move, from the preparation stages to settling-in and everything in between. The process involves active listening and powerful coaching questions to support parents in setting and achieving their goals.

Some coaching clients prefer to integrate psychometric assessment tools into the coaching process. Sarah is certified in Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (SEI) and Brain Profile assessments. She often uses these tools effectively with coaching clients.

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