Dealing with grief and loss for TCKs

Dealing with grief and loss for TCKs

Positive Times Article

It was a privilege to be able to contribute an article to The Positive Times recently.
My article explores the challenges of dealing with loss and grief for Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Unresolved grief remains one of the biggest issues for TCKs into adulthood. However, many international school teachers don’t receive any formal training in how to best support students to process their grief.

Wondering how you can make a change for your TCKs?

Maybe you’re a member of staff at an international school and you’re interested in interactive workshops and engaging resources for your school.

Perhaps you’re a TCK parent looking for some personalised expertise.

Or maybe the article resonates with you in a different way.

Do get in touch to find out more. I’m always happy to hear your story and share how I can help.