Why is Emotional Wellbeing so Vital for Relocation?

Why is Emotional Wellbeing so Vital for Relocation?

Watch my 5-minute keynote

I’m delighted to share the professional video of my 5-minute keynote on the topic of emotional wellbeing for relocation. Watch the video by clicking this link.

Relocating soon?

Maybe you’re planning a move soon or know someone else who is. If that is the case, do watch the video, because my speech clearly articulates the reasons why relocation is emotionally stressful. Despite this stress, the emotional aspect of relocation is often neglected, which can make your move even more challenging.

Fabulous judges’ feedback

I was absolutely over the moon with the judges’ feedback. Many of them could relate to the challenges of relocation, with some of the judges sharing that they had undergone numerous international moves. It’s highly motivating for me to receive such superb feedback, because the feedback lets me know that I’m on the right track with my products and services. Furthermore, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that what I can offer in terms of emotional wellbeing for relocation is desperately needed in the world.

Positive audience response

The audience reaction was also overwhelmingly positive. So many of the audience came to speak to me during the break to share their own experiences of moving countries, and how difficult that had been. For many of them, they shared their regret that we hadn’t met sooner, as they would have benefited hugely from my professional support throughout their relocation experience.

Looking for support throughout your relocation?

If you’re moving soon and would like simple, powerful strategies to maintain your emotional wellbeing, do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and share how I can support you and your family throughout the relocation process.