Sarah evaluates emotional intelligence (EQ) and then delivers EQ-related solutions. She offers a highly customised service, focusing on what is practical and most effective in any given setting. Her aim is always the same: to help people take ownership of their feelings and to successfully navigate emotionally complex situations to achieve better outcomes.

Moving countries is often an extremely stressful and emotional experience for those involved, as an individual, a couple or a family. Sarah offers structured support throughout the moving process through coaching and workshops, which has several benefits for a company:

  • Eases the stress of relocation
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful expatriate assignment
  • Better productivity at work
  • Higher return on the investment of an overseas move

For Individuals

SEI: Offers a self-reported measurement of your current level of emotional intelligence, identifying your strengths and their application, plus areas for development.

Brain Profiles: Three tools providing an insightful snapshot into your preference and strengths for processing emotions and cognition.

For Leaders

Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) is a powerful 360-degree assessment. It assesses the balance of organisational and individual needs, strategy and operations, then gives valuable and practical feedback.

The LVS is helpful in a change process, to inform professional
development and evaluate performance.

For Teams

The Team Vital Signs (TVS) is essentially a team 360, resulting in rapid and accurate insight into the team’s current climate. The TVS delivers crucial indicators of current performance and presents a clear path toward optimal performance. It is ideal for those teams undergoing a change process or seeking evidence of a return on investment for development programmes.

For Organisations

Organisation Vital Signs (OVS) serves to identify specific areas that might be assisting or interfering with growth and bottom-line success within an organisation. OVS highlights the drivers of performance in a practical framework with customised statistics for separate groups within an organisation.

For individuals

For leaders

For teams

For organisations

Sarah provides bespoke EQ training according to the needs of your company.

Thanks to Sarah’s background in education, she has a wealth of experience facilitating interactive and impactful training sessions.

With training courses ranging from 90 minutes to 2 days, some of Sarah’s most popular courses include:

  • Developing your emotional intelligence
  • Successfully navigating stress
  • Positively responding to adversity
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Brain styles and collaboration

Sarah is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. She provides coaching for individuals at different levels or as part of an integrated project alongside workshops and emotional intelligence assessments.

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