Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation: My Speaking Journey

Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation: My Speaking Journey

KeyNote Speakers Training Programme

For the last 8 months, I’ve been involved in the PrimeTime KeyNote Speakers training programme. The aim of KeyNote is to bring more diversity to stages around Asia. It was an amazing training experience. Our trainers were all experienced speakers from the KeyNote Directory. As participants, we learned about diverse topics from stage confidence to how to fully use your voice. The training programme culminated in a 5-minute keynote audition on a topic of our choice on Sunday 23 September.

Emotional wellbeing for relocation

In my work over the past two years, I’ve realised that the emotional stress of moving is a huge problem for many globally mobile families. As a result, my choice of keynote topic was a simple one as it’s the focus of my business: emotional wellbeing for relocation.

Relocation is emotionally stressful

During a relocation, you leave everything you know to go to a new house, new country, new friends, new culture, new routines…. Everything changes. While logistical support for relocation is readily available, the logistics are pretty straightforward, with a clearly defined start and end point. However, establishing your home in a new place is also an emotional concept: feeling happy, settled and safe. The emotional aspect of relocation is often neglected, even though relocation is an emotionally stressful process. Many people often don’t realise the emotional aspect of relocation is a problem until they hit crisis point, and the negative emotional impact of the relocation process can last for years.

How I can help

Emotional wellbeing is the key to a smoother relocation. Emotional wellbeing reduces stress and provides constructive coping strategies for the challenging feelings people typically experience. My work focuses on providing wellbeing for anyone on the move. I support people through workshops (focusing on areas like emotional resilience and optimism), relocation coaching for adults and Compass Coaching for kids.

I’m looking forward to receiving the professional video of my speech. As soon as it’s available, I’ll share it on my blog and my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.