Supporting Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation

The importance of emotional wellbeing for relocation

In my previous blogs, (Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation: My Speaking Journey; Emotional Wellbeing for Relocation: Speaking in the KeyNote Final; and Why is Emotional Wellbeing so Vital for Relocation?). I’ve written about the emotional stress of the relocation process, and why emotional wellbeing is so vital for reducing stress and helping to ensure a smooth transition.

Applying emotional wellbeing throughout relocation

Until now, relocation and emotional wellbeing have been two separate fields. This is despite the huge positive potential of using emotional wellbeing to support throughout the relocation process.

Not any more! Welcome to hello/goodbye


What is hello/goodbye?

hello/goodbye is the only proactive framework that addresses the emotional well-being of the whole family throughout the entire relocation process. hello/goodbye is based around my 5 Elements of Transition model. I developed the 5 Elements of Transition from my doctoral thesis, existing research in the field of global mobility and my years of experience as a teacher in an international school.

What’s included in hello/goodbye?

The programme begins with your relocation report. The report pinpoints each family’s strengths and their opportunities to support one another in the context of emotional wellbeing. All strengths and opportunities are directly connected to the relocation process.

You will receive your own set of A New Adventure: Coaching Cards, which provide a set of discussion prompts for each stage of the relocation process. The discussion prompts are underpinned by a focus on emotional wellbeing.

You’ll receive consultations on how to best support your family’s emotional wellbeing throughout the relocation process.

Each family also has the option of additional coaching for further support with emotional wellbeing.

hello/goodbye is ideal for every step of your move as a family.

Interested in reducing the stress of your relocation?

Contact me for a no-obligation chat about how hello/goodbye can help you and your family.

Keen to find out about hello/goodbye for international schools? Please let me know and I’ll happily share more details with you.