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Emotional wellbeing for relocation for international schools and organisations relocating their staff

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Moving country is tough.

It’s an emotionally stressful process. Dr Sarah Whyte is passionate about the positive difference she makes in promoting emotional wellbeing for relocation.

Through her practical hello/goodbye programme, Sarah supports international schools and organisations relocating staff to reduce the emotional stress of international relocation.


Dr Sarah Whyte shares why emotional wellbeing for relocation is vital throughout the relocation process.



Sarah is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who works with adults and children. Her main coaching focus is to help families successfully navigate an overseas move.

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Read Sarah’s doctoral thesis on supporting international school students with emotional intelligence


Sarah provides fun and engaging workshops for the globally mobile community, including global mobility specialists in organisations, families on the move, and international school communities. Her interactive sessions focus on equipping each participant with practical strategies.


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