A New Adventure: Coaching Cards to support emotional wellbeing for relocation

A New Adventure: Coaching Cards to support emotional wellbeing for relocation


Comments from parents who have used the cards:

…we move as a family a lot so I feel as though we have this in the bag. We know what we’re doing, we know how to process. But yet, when these cards arrived in my mailbox, and I talked with the kids about them, I didn’t realise how much we still have to learn about feelings and about resiliency and about the grief that happens during a move.

-Seasoned expat mum of three children

These cards are phenomenal. The questions are so well thought out. Relocation is not an easy process but these cards made it easier because of how they helped us to cope with each stage as a family.

Anika, mum to Aarav (9)

Suitable for parents and international teachers to use with children aged 6-17 

A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an International Move give a framework to process challenging thoughts, feelings and actions throughout a relocation. The cards are designed to be used with children but are also ideal to support parents during the move. 

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Use the cards to:

  • provide a structured framework to support the whole family throughout a busy and stressful relocation

  • better understand your children's feelings at each stage of a move

  • help children to express and process all their feelings about moving (particularly sadness and grief)

  • reduce the risk of unresolved grief (a long-term problem for many children who grow up internationally)

  • take positive action throughout your relocation 


What's in the box?

  • 44 coaching cards

  • the back of each coaching card describes one stage of transition so you know when to use the card (four stages of transition in total) 

  • the front of each coaching card has a coaching question or statement  

  • 1 handy guide sharing background, instructions and ideas for using the cards 

  • card dimensions: 7cm x 9cm, rounded corners, matt laminated. 

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