Dr Sarah Whyte speaking at a conference


Sarah is an inspirational keynote speaker. She engages audiences by sharing pragmatic strategies which promote emotional wellbeing for relocation.


Dr Sarah Whyte speaks at the EQ World Summit in Mumbai about her work on supporting emotional wellbeing for relocation



Keynote Topic 1

Are you prepared? Emotional wellbeing for relocation


Relocations are stressful for the whole family. It’s tough to leave everything you know to go to a new country with a new home, new people, new culture and new routines.

The emotional aspect of relocation is rarely supported in a proactive way. By failing to anticipate and address feelings such as grief and anger, the stress throughout the relocation process is exacerbated. The negative impact can be lasting, particularly for children, and impacts on the relocation experience for everyone.

Drawing on research and her experience, Sarah shares the power of emotional wellbeing with simple and practical strategies, which can be easily applied at every stage of the relocation process.



Keynote Topic 2

Improving relocation outcomes


Unsuccessful relocations can prove costly for organisations. For executives with an annual salary above US$250,000, the potential cost of a failed expat assignment can be 40 times base salary (O’Sullivan, 2017).

Family issues are cited as the top reason for expat assignment failure. Proactive support, as opposed to reactive actions, markedly increases the success rate of expat assignments (MacLachlan, 2018) and the return on investment for moving employees with their families.

Sarah will share powerful research and case studies to demonstrate the benefits of providing proactive support for the whole family throughout the entire relocation process.



Sarah is listed on the KeyNote Women Speakers directory: the world’s leading directory of female public speakers.

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