Sarah is an experienced workshop facilitator. Thanks to seventeen years of teaching experience, her workshops are always engaging and tailored to the audience.

Sarah facilitates engaging parent workshops focused on emotional wellbeing for relocation. Workshop topics include how to process the grief caused by the losses of a move and strategies to build emotional resilience.  Parents leave each workshop equipped with practical strategies to use with their family.

Home Workshops


The perfect option for busy and working parents! Sarah delivers a workshop at your home for you and your friends. Discover practical parenting strategies in a relaxed and convenient location on a range of topics related to emotional wellbeing for relocation, such as coaching your child through an overseas move.

School Workshops


Sarah regularly runs interactive parent workshops at international schools in South East Asia. The workshops can be standalone or as part of a wider programme to promote emotional wellbeing for relocation involving teachers and students. Please get in touch if you’re interested in hosting parent workshops at your school.

Sarah offers bespoke, quality professional development for international teachers and school staff. Through different resources and activities, her workshops equip everyone with the skills and knowledge to effectively support their globally mobile families with wellbeing for relocation.

Expatriate Students


The two main challenges faced by students who experience an international upbringing are:

  1. Dealing with constant goodbyes in a highly mobile world, where they or people around them move regularly
  2. Developing a cultural identity

Sarah provides positive and practical strategies for staff to successfully address these specific issues.

Emotional Intelligence


Sarah’s emotional intelligence workshops provide practical activities which translate directly to teachers’ classroom practice. Sarah’s emotional intelligence workshops provide practical activities which translate directly to teachers’ classroom practice.

Each workshop focuses on specific competencies of emotional intelligence. Every workshop is tailored to the school’s needs.

Examples of recent workshops:

  • emotional literacy
  • regulating strong emotions
  • emotional resilience
  • adversity and optimism

Thanks to Sarah’s years of experience as an international teacher, Sarah welcomes every opportunity to work directly with students. Her focus is twofold:

  1. Raising students’ awareness of the positives and challenges of an international upbringing
  2. Developing students’ competency in emotional skills

Circle Time


Sarah is an experienced facilitator and trainer for Circle Time. Contact her for more details on how she can support your teachers to increase their effective delivery of Circle Time.



Sarah’s lessons offer activities for active learning, deep reflection and meaningful conversation. She always tailors lessons to fit with a school’s existing curriculum.



Sarah facilitates whole school or year group assemblies for students.

Some of Sarah’s most popular workshop topics include:

Supporting international children with frequent hellos and goodbyes

Coaching your child through an overseas move

Identity and belonging for international children

Building emotional resilience

Positively responding to adversity

Developing empathy

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