Facilitating a session for Keynote trainees

Keynote Women Speakers

Keynote Women Speakers is an integral part of PrimeTime, Singapore's Business and Professional Women's organisation. Their aim is to bring more diversity to stages around the world. The directory includes seasoned keynote speakers with expertise across a wide range of topics. In addition, Keynote offers a comprehensive training programme to the next generation of female speakers.

My involvement with Keynote

I was one of the first batch of Keynote trainees in 2018. Following my successful auditions, I was added as a speaker on the Keynote Women Speakers directory (watch my first audition video here).

I was delighted to be Invited as a judge for the most recent round of auditions. These auditions were for the second batch of trainees to find out who was ready to join the Keynote Women Speakers directory.

My session for Keynote

The keynote organisers also asked me to facilitate a session covering structure and slides for the third batch of trainees in May this year. During the course of the workshop, I took the trainees through some straightforward principles on how best to structure a short keynote speech. Their aim is to effectively deliver their message and keep the audience engaged. For the second half of the workshop, we focused on top tips for creating a PowerPoint slide deck which aligns with your brand and message. We also talked about the common pitfalls to avoid when using slides!

Looking for a keynote speaker focusing on wellbeing?

Do get in touch if you’re looking for a keynote speaker and you’re interested in hearing more about my keynote topics. My keynotes focus around wellbeing, including emotional wellbeing for relocation, emotional intelligence and resilience. I’m also happy to lend my expertise with presentation skills for individuals or organisations if you’re looking to polish up your talks and workshops.