Parent Case Study 2: Naomi Hattaway shares her experience of using A New Adventure Coaching Cards

Parent Case Study from Naomi Hattaway

I’m delighted to be able to share my second parent case study about A New Adventure: Coaching Cards. This time, the case study focuses on Naomi Hattaway’s experience of using the cards with her family. Naomi’s family are very seasoned expats with frequent moves around the USA and relocations to India and Singapore.

Many expats know Naomi as the founder of I Am A Triangle; an online community for anyone living a globally mobile life. In the case study, Naomi shared how the cards made a difference to her family’s relocation experience. You can read the case study here.

How ‘A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an International Move’ Helped Naomi’s Family

In the case study, Naomi talked about how the cards were simple to use, yet proved to be very powerful in opening communication between members of the family. As an experienced expat, she was surprised at just how much her family “still needed to learn about feelings and resilience, and about the grief that happens during a move.” She identified one particular leaving stage card which prompted her children to identify feelings which they had never discussed before as a family. In Naomi’s words, this was “game-changing” for the entire family. It’s wonderful to know that the cards bring value to families who are experienced in relocation in addition to those who are moving for the first time.

Are you moving or have you just relocated?

A New Adventure Coaching Cards are ideal for every stage of a relocation. The cards give comprehensive conversation starters to explore your family’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

For any families who would like additional support to support their family throughout the relocation process, do get in touch to find out more about the benefits of my hello/goodbye programme for families.