Parent Case Study 1: A New Adventure Coaching Cards

Parent Case Study

I’m very excited to share my first parent case study about A New Adventure: Coaching Cards. In the case study, Anika shares more information about how she and her husband used the cards with their son Aarav throughout their relocation from Singapore to London. You can read the case study here.

How ‘A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an International Move’ Helped Anika’s Family

In the case study, the cards helped Anika to understand the different stages of transition which she found extremely useful. Without the cards, she said the family would have had some gaps in understanding transition. She felt that because the cards covered four stages, including feelings, they helped the whole family to better cope with the emotional journey.

This feedback is interesting, as even more experienced expats have highlighted the benefits of A New Adventure’s comprehensive framework in avoiding any ‘gaps’ during relocation. For some families, the cards have helped them to approach their relocation in a new and much less stressful way.

Are you moving or have you just relocated?

A New Adventure Coaching Cards are ideal for every stage of a relocation. The cards give comprehensive conversation starters to explore your family’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the case study, Anika commented that specialist consultations for Aarav upon their arrival in London really helped with the transition process. If you are interested in additional personalised relocation support to complement the cards, contact me to ask about my hello/goodbye programme for families.