Three top tips for leaving as an expat

June marks a busy time of year in any expats calendar, with a huge number of relocations. Check out my top three tips if you’re moving on to somewhere new.

Tip 1: Make a list of lasts

Time flies once you have decided to make a move. It’s a great idea to create a plan for your ‘last’ visits to significant places so you don’t run out of time. Make sure each member of the family adds their thoughts on significant locations to the lists. Your list might include a last meal at a favourite restaurant, last BBQ with a particular group of friends, or a last drinks with the other parents of children in your class. 

Tip 2: Think about how you say goodbye to friends 

Think of how you will mark the fact you are leaving the people you have connected with. For some people, it’s a big party with loads of friends. For others, they decide to have an open house (before everything gets packed up) where friends can drop in and say their goodbyes over a longer period of time. Moving on is a big deal. It’s important for both you and the friends you are leaving to bring some closure to that part of your life. 

Tip 3: It’s okay not to be okay

Relocating is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s important to make the most of the positives and acknowledge your challenging feelings too. When you say goodbye to people and places and things which have all played a huge role in your life, it’s normal to experience some degree of grief. This quote from Winnie the Pooh sums it up perfectly:

”How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” 

Need some extra support?  

 Try A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an international move to give you a framework of conversation starters throughout your relocation. 

My hello/goodbye programme offers comprehensive support for families, international schools and organisations who relocate staff.   

And of course you are always welcome to get in touch to discuss your relocation needs.