Emotional wellbeing for relocation for families, international schools and organisations relocating their staff

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About Dr Sarah Whyte

Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator & ICF Coach

With a degree in psychology, a doctorate in education and a deep knowledge of the expatriate experience, Sarah is the leading expert on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in Asia. She is one of only a handful of people to hold a doctorate in this field of study. Her doctoral thesis focused on the application of emotional intelligence to support expatriate children with the challenges caused by living in a highly mobile world.

Through her innovative, research-based hello/goodbye programme, Sarah offers a framework to support emotional wellbeing throughout the whole relocation process. Her hello/goodbye programme uses data collection alongside engaging resources and services to support organisations relocating staff with their families and international schools.


Dr Sarah Whyte shares why emotional wellbeing for relocation is vital throughout the relocation process.



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hello/goodbye is a pioneering programme which promotes emotional wellbeing throughout the relocation process.

hello/goodbye is built upon Dr Sarah Whyte’s unique Elements of Transition model, which comes directly from her doctoral research and international teaching experience.

With a combination of data, resources and coaching, hello/goodbye offers innovative and practical resources for international schools and organisations relocating staff with their families.


A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an International Move

A New Adventure: Coaching Cards for an International Move give a framework to process challenging thoughts, feelings and actions throughout a relocation. The cards are designed to be used with children but are also ideal to support parents during the move. They are the ideal resource for supporting emotional wellbeing throughout the relocation process.


Read more about the cards below:

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Sarah is a credentialed Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her coaching focuses on providing emotional support for adults, families and Third Culture Kids throughout the relocation process.

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